Company Profile

BCM Inc. started out providing high quality welding services to the greater Fayetteville NC area in 2004. Business was good but something was missing. We are owned by an Master Breacher who saw a need for new breaching tools that the soldier on the ground could count on. So we shifted our focus to manufacturing in mid 2006. We have always been a company that prides itself in high quality work and exceptional customer service. We took that philosophy along with many years of operational experience and started producing quality breaching tools that entered the market in January 2007. This has proven to be a good move for us with the tools having great success within the Special Operations community. We believe they are the best tools on the market and feedback from our customers is telling us the same thing. We are not a mass-production company.

We concentrate on quality not quantity. The owner inspects every tool that leaves the production facility and only allows flawless tools to be delivered. The way he sees it, the tools are in the hands of US soldiers, people like him. They have to be the best, nothing else will do. American made for uncompromising quality is the only way. Double-Tap Breaching Tools are at the forefront of breaching technology. The company president truly believes in producing the best tool on the market. When your current tool fails and you need a new one, try ours. It will be the last tool you will ever need to buy.