BCM Inc. has partnered with Hydro-Noa and is offering a unique line of hydraulic breaching tools. These tools are compact, extremely powerful, and we believe will offer our customers with unique solutions to their breaching problems.

Rescue and Breaching Systems

When Time is the Crucial Factor

HN-9478-Sharon Kit

Sharon-Kit (Click for detailed image)
This unique kit is ideal for Security and Rescue Forces. It includes a combination of tools with tremendous power in a small package. The tools are operated by a manual miniature pump which enables a single person to solve a wide range of problems encountered on the field. The kit can be operated by a single operator totally independent of any external source of energy. A selection of different attachments provides the operator flexibility on target. Each attachment uses a quick-change coupler which allows fast, quite, and leak free attachment while on target. Further more, the entire Sharon Kit is carried in a single backpack and is compact and easy to operate.

The power of hydraulics is unmatched and will provide you with options you didn't have before.

Pump: Weight: 6.57 Lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.12x3.94x14.17 inches
W. pressure: 400 bar.

Bar buster: Weight: 7.72 Lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.9x2.56x4.3 inches
Width (closed): 3.7 inches
Max. Width open A: 13.78 inches
Max. Width open B: 25 inches
Spreading power: 3,307 Lbs

Spreader: Weight: 7.67 Lbs
Dimensions(LxWxH): 11.73x4.33x3.03 inches
Width (closed): 0.14 inches
Max. Width open: 3.23 inches
Spreading power: 5,512 Lbs

Cutter: Weight: 6.57 Lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.48x1.97x9.45 inches
Cutting up to: 0.5 inch
Cutting Power: 38,580 Lbs